Artist's Statement

I am captivated by shape.

Whether it’s nature’s own creation, architecture, or a work of art, to see the way light falls on form and plays over texture often stops me in my tracks.

The beauty of sculpture is that it gives us so many perspectives. It’s accessible to everyone and can be interpreted through different senses. Sculpture engages viewers and invites them to interact with it, touch it, be drawn in by it. I believe that creating a compelling combination of motion, form, line, and light is the ultimate artistic expression. This is what inspires me to shape clay and carve stone.

For me, as for many, one of the most intriguing forms is the human figure. After all, the human experience is what has moved us to recreate that form in our art since the beginning of time. I view sculptures of people as special narratives, written in the lines of the face, echoed in posture, captured in movement. In abstract work, I like to suggest the human form and let the viewer interpret it in their own way. In portraiture, capturing the essence of a person and not just their likeness is my favorite artistic challenge.

When we first look at a sculpture the movement is what grabs us. It then invites us to stay, telling a story, drawing us in. The medium I use for any sculpture is an important part of the story I’m telling. Stone is earthy, solid, and natural. It contributes its own, often surprising, qualities to a finished piece. The glow of bronze is undeniably beautiful and gives life-like warmth and depth to the subject.

To create sculptures that celebrate life is what gives me life. I hope never to stop.

Dawn Hessel Record